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1S Skate

Play Explosive

Ignite your game with the most explosive skate in hockey. The customizable tongue and tendon guard of C-FLEX technology lets you create the range of motion needed for your most explosive stride ever. Skate faster, harder, and stronger with the ultra-lightweight TITANIUM CURV® COMPOSITE boot that anatomically wraps your foot for maximum energy transfer and increased power with every stride.

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Create Your Most Explosive Stride Ever

Customize your tongue and tendon guard with removable inserts for FULL, MID, or STIFF range of motion and create your most explosive stride ever.

Balance and Stability at Their Peak

The thermoformable SPEED PLATE footbed creates a truly custom fit, reducing negative space between your foot and skate. More surface contact between your foot and blade increases your balance, giving you a faster, harder, stronger stride.

The Edge Advantage

The LIGHTSPEED EDGE trigger system makes swapping out dull steel quick and easy.
Never Miss a shift.

Stay Sharp

Get the edge over your competition. The TUUK LS4 runner is a cleaner, stronger sharpened edge with and additional 3mm of height for a better attack angle and more power in every stride.

Dry Fast. Skate Fast.

The revolutionary 37.5® Technology liner keeps your foot dry and locked in place for maximum power from start to finish.

Explode Forward

The INJECTED STABILITY LACING SYSTEM allows for increased forward flex, creating explosive energy transfers in every stride.


Take your game to the next level with the exclusive BAUER custom-fit technology. Trusted by top professional players worldwide, our proven measurement metrics ensure ultimate control on the ice like never before.

Product Details

1S Skate

SUPREME Skate Fit Illustration


Maximize your power with SUPREME skates. With a close, anatomical fit in the ankle and heel, players can take power to a whole new level.

  • Quarter Package
    • 3-D lasted Titanium Curv® composite with Total Edge Comfort
  • Lining Material
    • 37.5® Polyester liner with integrated wear pads
  • Ankle Padding
    • Lightweight form fit ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction
    • FORM-FIT LITE 52oz / 40oz tongue with comfort padding and C-FLEX technology
  • Tendon Guard
    • C-FLEX technology with custom inserts
  • Footbed
  • Thermoformable
    • Anaform upper and footbed
  • Outsole
    • Ultra lightweight vented composite
  • Blade Holder
  • Runner
    • TUUK LS4 Stainless steel
  • Senior
    • 6–10 full and half / C, D, EE widths; 11–12 full and half / D, EE widths
  • Junior
    • 3–5.5 full and half / D, EE widths
  • Youth
    • 8-9 full only / D width; 10-13.5 full and half / D, EE widths

This product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and workmanship per the following terms:


90 days from the consumer date of purchase

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