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X900 Lite Elbow Pad

The X900 LITE has a 2-piece tapered fit with floating construction to improve mobility. The molded elbow cap with HYPERLITE foam cover keeps you protected while reducing weight. The THERMO MAX liner with Sanitized® technology prevents bacteria growth and odor.

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Product Details

X900 Lite Elbow Pad

Vapor Elbow Fit

VAPOR Elbow Pad Fit

Wider at the top of the arm and narrowing toward the forearm, this tapered- fitting elbow pad helps players move with quickness and agility.

  • Overall Fit
    • 2-piece tapered fit
  • Lining
    • THERMO MAX and Sanitized® technology
  • Free Flex Components
    • Floating construction
  • Interior Elbow Joint
    • Y-shape comfort middle strap
  • Liner
    • Molded floating donut
  • Cap
    • Molded cap with HYPERLITE foam cover
  • Bicep Guard
    • HYPERLITE foam with poly insert
  • Forearm Guard
    • Molded HYPERLITE HD foam
  • Senior
    • S, M, L
  • Intermediate
    • S, M, L, XL
  • Junior
    • S, L

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90 days from the consumer date of purchase

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