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Contact Us/FAQ

Contact Us/FAQ

Product Questions

We build products for every player, so regardless of your playing level, there is a model that is right for your style of play and fit preferences. At the bottom of each product page on this site you will see a Product Details section that outlines the various features and benefits of each model.
Replacement parts should be available at your local authorized BAUER dealer. If your dealer does not currently have a particular part in stock, you can ask them about placing an order for you. To find a dealer near you, visit our Store Locator.
myBAUER is a feature on our website that allows you to design custom products, including player sticks, goalie sticks and goalie pads. Both player and goalie sticks can be ordered directly through myBAUER, with the ability to customize your colors, flex, curve, name and more.

The myBAUER feature for goalie pads is only for design purposes; you will still need to go through a retailer to complete a custom pad order.

After submitting a stick order, please expect 5-7 weeks for delivery. If an order has taken longer than 7 weeks or you have questions, please contact mybauersupport@bauer.com.
We are committed to continually advancing our products and development methods. However, it is company policy not to accept or consider unsolicited ideas from outside the company unless a non-provisional utility patent has been filed and pending or a utility patent has been granted.


One of the great benefits of many BAUER skate models is the ability to have them heat molded to the specific shape of your foot using a skate oven. However, we do not recommend heat molding skates in a traditional (cooking) oven, as this may jeopardize the integrity of the skate. In addition, heating your skates in a personal oven will void the warranty. If you would like to heat mold your skates, please bring them to your local authorized BAUER dealer for assistance. 


We offer (8) different curve options through dealers, as well as additional options on our myBAUER stick customization site. The "best" curve really depends upon a player's style of play and personal preference. For more details on our various curve options, please consult our stick pattern chart.
BAUER sticks have certain characteristics, such as flex, balance and weight, which make them unique. The best way to find the model closest to what you are using is to stay in the same family (i.e., VAPOR, SUPREME, NEXUS). Our VAPOR, SUPREME and NEXUS products offer a different flex for every player. Depending on your style of play, one of these should match your game. VAPOR is ideal for getting shots off as quickly as possible, while SUPREME is designed to give you your hardest possible shot, and NEXUS is designed for premium accuracy.
As the company that first introduced a true one-piece stick, we continue to deliver innovation to BAUER sticks. We offer a wide range of lightweight, high-performing sticks that are balanced and deliver the feel you want on the ice. These weights can vary slightly depending on flex, pattern and other details. Included below is a chart of the weights of our latest BAUER sticks that are available in stores today.

Nexus 8000 – 425g
Nexus 7000 – 435g
Nexus 6000 – 465g
Nexus 4000 – 485g
Nexus 2000 – 540g

Supreme MX3 – 425g
Supreme 190 – 435g
Supreme 180 – 455g
Supreme 170 – 480g
Supreme 160 – 535g

Vapor 1X – 420g
Vapor X900 – 435g
Vapor X800 – 450g
Vapor X700 – 489g
Vapor X600 – 540g

Helmets & Masks

We have a list of certified painters around the world. To view this list, click here.
All helmet/facemask combos that are sold together are certified and compatible. To view a list of which facemasks are compatible with various BAUER helmets, please view this PDF.

Roller Hockey

For questions on BAUER or Mission roller products, contact Roller.Question@bauer.com

Retail, Where to Buy, Sales

As a global company with hundreds of retail partners and distributors worldwide, we are not able to provide you with various inventory levels to know where a specific model or size may be in stock. To find out which products are currently available at your local retailer, please use our Store Locator to contact them. If your dealer does not have a particular item in stock, you can inquire about having them place an order.

To find an authorized Bauer Hockey retailer or Bauer Own The Moment Experience store near you, visit the Store Locator.

In the U.S., please contact US.RetailerRequest@bauer.com. In Canada, please contact Canada.RetailerRequest@bauer.com. Outside of North America, please contact Europe.RetailerRequest@bauer.com.

Please note that BAUER Hockey has strict policies and procedures for allowing retailers to sell BAUER Hockey equipment.

Warranties & Returns

For detailed information regarding warranties on all BAUER Hockey products, please visit our Warranties page.

If you purchased a Bauer product from one of our authorized dealers, please contact the dealer to discuss their return policies. 

If you purchased a Bauer product from an Own The Moment Retail Experience, you can view the return policy by visiting the Store Policies page.


BAUER Hockey sponsors numerous events and teams throughout the world. However, we limit our individual sponsorships to professional hockey players only.
Members of the media looking to contact BAUER Hockey should contact Media@bauer.com.

To see the current career opportunities at BAUER Hockey, visit Careers.

Corporate Addresses

U.S.A. – Exeter, NH (Global Headquarters)

100 Domain Drive
Exeter, NH 03833-4801 USA

U.S.A. – Irvine, CA (Roller Hockey)

12 Goodyear, Suite #100
Irvine, CA 92618 USA

CANADA – Mississauga, ON

6925 Century Avenue, Suite 600
Mississauga, ON L5N 0E3 CANADA

CANADA – Blainville, QC

60, rue Jean-Paul Cayer
Blainville, Québec, J7C 0N9 CANADA


Pakkalankuja 7,
01510 Vantaa FINLAND

Taiwan Representative Office

6F-5 - No. 530, Ying Tsai Road
Taichung City 403, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Box 8064
40278 Goteborg SWEDEN


Ludwigsplatz 18
83022 Rosenheim, GERMANY